Somtara Madeline Island Lakehome

First, thank you for your interest in Somtara

To check availability, rates, minimum stays, and to make a reservation, follow this next link to our primary calendar and web-based reservation system operated by Webervations, Inc., a secure online booking agent


The bookings page shows confirmed reservations. You might check it first for quick notice as to  whether the dates you are interested in are booked or not. We make every effort to keep both Webervations and the bookings page synced, but it is possible for reservation requests to overlap before a reservation has been confirmed and the web page and Webervations are updated. Accordingly, no reservation is confirmed until the deposit has been processed and we confirm via email or phone.

Island Check -In

There is no Check-In! No need to worry about picking up a key, losing the key, or dropping it off after your stay. Shortly prior to your arrival date, you will be contacted with a unique four digit code that will allow access to the home. As such, there is no longer a need to connect with anyone in town before heading out to Somtara. And if arriving late and in the dark, the keypad can be lit by pressing an oval shaped button top center of the number keys.

While at Somtara, you can disengage the lock, but this is not recommended and it is especially important that the lock be engaged when you depart the property. Please be careful and mindful of this.

The current cable, internet, and phone package includes nationwide free calling

Firewood is provided, but fire starters are not. You might want to bring these.

Charcoal is not provided.

Towels are provided, but beach towels are not. Our towels are not for use on the beach. Please bring beach towels.

Contact the owner, Tom, directly at 612-695-5503 or send him an e-mail at should you have any other questions or concerns.

Thank you again! Enjoy your stay on the island.

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